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Matekane dispels government ouster speculation


Bereng Mpaki

The leader of the ruling Revolution for Prosperity (RFP), Samuel Matekane, has vehemently dismissed concerns of a potential collapse of his government through a parliamentary vote of no confidence.

Matekane asserted that his coalition government possesses ample parliamentary support to fend off any motion of no confidence orchestrated by his critics.

Speaking to reporters in Maseru recently, Matekane brushed aside attempts to undermine his administration, citing the formidable parliamentary presence of his coalition government, which he said holds 71 out of 120 seats in the parliament, rendering it unassailable.

The coalition comprises the RFP with 57 seats, the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) with four seats, and the Alliance for Democrats (AD) also with four seats.

The coalition also enjoys backing from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) with three seats, United for Change (UFC) (one seat), Hope (one seat), and an alliance led by the Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC), which commands one seat.

“The idea of toppling the government is nothing more than a fantasy, aimed at confusing the public and eroding confidence in the government through baseless allegations,” Matekane affirmed.

He asserted that the opposing political parties lacked the required 61 seats necessary to effectuate his removal.

Furthermore, Matekane alleged that his political adversaries, driven by an intense desire for power, have gone so far as to threaten certain Members of Parliament (MPs) to rally support for his government’s overthrow.

“We are cognizant that some MPs and their families are being coerced into supporting a planned motion of no confidence against the government. While presenting a motion of no confidence is a permissible act, coercing MPs and threatening their lives to endorse such a motion constitutes a criminal offense.”

Matekane implied that the efforts to unseat his government are linked to an ongoing anti-corruption campaign that has led to legal action against individuals implicated in corruption.

Nonetheless, Matekane stressed that the government will remain resolute in combating crime and corruption, regardless of the intimidation.

“We have consistently stated that individuals involved in embezzling public funds or misusing resources must face legal consequences, regardless of their stature. Today, we reaffirm that allegations of crime and corruption will be subject to court proceedings for adjudication.”

Matekane hinted that some disgruntled MPs had been disgruntled since they were not selected for ministerial positions when the cabinet was established.

Matekane also addressed concerns regarding the national reforms, stating that the parliament will soon resume normal sessions to advance the reform agenda.

During the press briefing, AD leader Ntoi Rapapa, alongside other coalition partners, expressed their unequivocal support for Matekane’s administration.

“We, the parties represented here today, unequivocally affirm our endorsement of the Prime Minister’s administration. We do not perceive any potential for the government’s collapse. We stand united in this endeavor, mindful that we must not jeopardize the vehicle we are steering, for we cannot predict the consequences if it were to derail.”

Alongside Matekane stood party leaders including Selibe Mochoboroane, leader of MEC, Mothetjoa Metsing, leader of LCD, ‘Malichaba Lekhoaba, leader of UFC, ‘Machabana Lemphane Letsie, leader of Hope, and Paul Masiu, leader of the LPC Alliance.

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