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Women footballers unleash their sex appeal



Women footballers unleash their sex appeal

Seabata Mahao

Women footballers last weekend showcased their feminine side as they strutted their staff during a beauty pageant held at St James Primary School in Maseru.

Organised by Lesotho Women Football Resource Mobilization Committee and the Women Super-League Committee and the National Committee, the pageant aims to challenge the stereotype that women footballers are masculine and therefore unattractive.  

Vice Chairperson of the Committee, Nthakoana Alice Kapoko said the event was meant for all Women’s Football Teams in District Football Association (DIFA) and Super-Leagues among others.

Kapoko explained that the event was meant to showcase women’s talents outside the football field; to build their confidence as women and to also remove the mentality that to play football as a lady, you have to be masculine.

She added that key stakeholders were all women affiliated with the committee and those who benefited.

She hopes to keep the event going in future, although it is not the only activity in their strategic plan amid their financial challenges. They also plan to hold tournaments for all their member teams and as well as sponsoring the Women Super-League Top 4.

“The committee pushed everything with our own money, we had zero budget and as a team manager, I worked very hard persuading my players to join because I knew, encouraging them means having them to encourage others.”

Speaking on the event turnout, Kapoko expressed satisfaction in the attendance they garnered.

“We had a very good audience. As we know sports people are principled and well-mannered, everything ran smoothly.”

Winners walked away with prizes including Umbro tracksuits and Polo T-Shirts among others from sponsor, Chris Bullock. The winners also received full training outfits and a pair of school shoes for donation, while the first and the second princesses received training shirts.

On her part, Women’s Desk Officer of Lesotho Football Association (LEFA), Joalane Tongoane said that they were also part of the event as they identified with the spirit of the pageant.

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