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Mukuru launches outbound services for Basotho


Seabata Mahao

A financial technology company Mukuru launched an outbound service for Basotho customers in move to enable them to participate in inter-country money transfers with over 21 countries in Africa and Asia. 

Mukuru is a financial technical company founded in 2004, with a diverse operating footprint of offices across Africa and Europe, with the largest being in South Africa.

Speaking at the launch event held in Maseru this week, Mokuru Country Manager, ‘Maleseli Mohapinyane stated that Mukuru has been trusted for many years by customers sending money to Lesotho in a fast and affordable way, saying now customers can transfer funds out of Lesotho with the same quick, safe and convenient services they’ve enjoyed in the past. 

Mohapinyane mentioned that, the global financial technology company, built on resilient African DNA, continues to expand across the continent using robust technology to help people on their journey towards financial empowerment. She also indicated an offering that is essentially needs-driven and focused on customers in emerging markets, growing their services in Lesotho as an important part of plans to bring more financial products and services to an increasing number of people, wherever they happen to be. 

“Currently, Mukuru has two branches in Maseru, 15 Mukuru Orange Booths across the country and 22 Mukuru Orange Booths located at selected Post Offices in Lesotho. The motivation for the expansion is to ensure that hard-working people have access to the best services to safely, instantly and conveniently send, and now receive, the money needed to support their loved ones and communities,” Mohapinyane said.  

Meanwhile, Mukuru is building convenience into financial services means that senders and recipients do not have to travel long distances to send or collect their funds, hence it has partnered with the Lesotho Post Office in order broaden the service-base even to the most remote localities.

According to Mohapinyane, Mukuru enables safe, affordable, reliable financial services to over 10 million customers with over 50 million cross-border transactions over the last decade, adding that their monetary service also offers critical customer services such as Funeral Cover, Mukuru money card and payment solutions for businesses in emerging markets.  

“We use the latest mobile and web-based technologies including cash stop for both inbound and outbound money transfers, one application for customer registrations outbound transfers, and WhatsApp for customer self-help and order creation. These technologies enable us to deliver the safest and most efficient experience for our customers and our strength lies in our ability to merge the use of these technologies with infrastructure that supports our services on the ground across Africa and globally,” she said.

Mukuru has been listed as one of the leading 150 cross-border companies globally in the 2020 FXC intelligence.

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