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NACOSEC blamed for Dj’s death


Chris Theko

Government of Lesotho and the National Covid-19 Sacretariat (NACOSEC) have been blamed for the untimely demise of popular Deejay Moorosi TÅ¡euoa who went by the name Dj Hamza.

TÅ¡euoa made a name for himself in the entertainment industry after securing a role as resident DJ at popular club Shelly Brown in Upper Thamae Maseru.

Hamza’s death is reported to have been caused by depression as he allegedly committed suicide on Thursday March 4, 2021 at his home in Mazenod. 

The president of Deejays Association of Lesotho (DJALE) Malefetsane “Dj Darvetz” Tsoeliane said he blames the government for the death of Dj Hamza saying the depression that rocked Hamza was because of not being able to work and do what he loved.

“Our government and the institution called NACOSEC have completely stopped us from working and doing the only thing that helps us relieve stress while making people happy,” Dj Darvetz said. 

“This guy we are gathered here because of, had his own challenges but we can all attest that we do not all deal with challenges in the same manner. I say this because maybe for him, it was not easy to talk about his challenges with other people but he expressed his feelings by playing music. Sadly, NACOSEC has us caged-in hence unable to play music or perform which is both our work and sanctuary” he fumed.

He said as DJALE, they do not deny the fact that Covid-19 is real and it kills but says it would be best for people to be allowed to learn to leave with it. 

Many speakers at his memorial service that was held at the Upper Thamae community hall yesterday described him as a happy person who was always peaceful. 

His longtime colleague Dj Saucy Motholo, said he will remember him for his ever-smiling face as a person who was happy all the time and constantly seeking to stay away from conflicts. 

“I want people to remember him for all the good things that he was, as a peaceful and ever smiling guy who loved music and entertaining people,” Motholo said. 

He said it would be unfortunate for Hamza to be remembered for how he died and not how he lived his life as the best parts of him were his life. 

“Hamza was a very smart and intelligent guy, not only did he play music but he also knew very well how to make music and fix electronics especially music equipment.

“He was peaceful and would always stay away from any trouble or conflict, he would excuse himself from such and I think we can all see it even in the manner that he died because he probably felt that whatever the reason was required him to excuse himself,” he said.

Motholo expressed that he has lost a great asset and partner indeed and no one could ever come close to how Hamza was and hopes all those who were fortunate enough to know him learned some valuable lessons. 

Hamza together with the fiancé had just welcomed a baby boy last month and were planning to get married this year.  A moving tribute written by the fiancé was read at the memorial. 

“I tried so hard to numb the pain but I can’t and that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt but you are forgiven Lebele laka. Only you knew what you were going through. Knowing how much you loved me and B, you probably took the decision you did to the best of us all. Thank you so much for opening up a world of love I never knew existed. Your love was loud, you showed me 1 Corinthians 8: 4-8 type of love and I am not complaining,” part of the message read. 

As it continued being read, the mood in the hall was turned to emotional and somber as most people sniffed silently while wiping away tears from their eyes, as most people were clearly trying to put themselves in the fiancé’s shoes, she was not able to go up the stage to say her tribute in person.

Hamza was also remembered for his part as one of the first rugby players in the country having started at Sefika high School back in 2012. He was so good at it much that he was recruited by one of the most successful teams in the country, Giants rugby.

He is survived by parents, a sibling, fiancé and a one-month baby boy.  He will be laid to rest at his home in Mazenod, Maseru on Saturday 13 March 2021.    

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