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Review: Dijong by Kali Mrepantsulaft Shuffle44, Lemekoane, Rifle 3shots, Dollarman


Chris Theko

This week’s gauged song, Dijong, performed by KaliMrepantsula alongside MIP greats.  Has a routine time of 4 minutes 18 seconds. 

The hip-hop song was produced on a bootleg remix remake parody of Dior by Pop Smoke. The trick with parodies is to nail it, as it also has to sound as close to the original concept in relation to sounds and syllables, deliveries on text, flows, patterns. Easiest means is to just add on to the good parts, which is exactly what the five artists managed to achieve with Dijong from Dior. 

Released on the 1 September, the track’s motivation is a chance to help food businesses due to covid requirements to eat well. How to also help grow businesses, build relationships, feed people fight covid and enable people with skills all in one motion.

From that concept came a collab style song advert that can be used to teach other acts the same. 

All the five verses from the tune sound almost alike to the original song and needs one to pay precise attention to be able to dissect what is being said. 

Shuffle44 comes through first with his verse packed with a powerful voice and where he is selling his pizza business “Ke u isa Dijong today. U kil’a bona Pizza ea morepa” and the signature ‘YES’ 

Lemekoane’s verse on the song is probably the simplest with direct content except it is riddled with patterns. 

Kali comes through with his easy punchline flows like a famo artist he speaks too many words in a line and doesn’t always keep time but manages to lock the 4bar phrase in east set of bars. His scenario creation is graphic while basic enough to be caught by kids and adults alike. Half the stuff sounds pretty stupid but relatable. He delivers the verse as though he was various people addressing different situations about the same thing. 

Then 3Shots opens his set-up to the munchies creating a large appetite from ganja smoking, rolling into the eating habits of our leadership and resources as an expression of how he wants to devour meals. Breaking into ordering 4 plates as a war cry where Basotho would ask ‘joale monna u loanelang?’ 

Then he starts saying his clan praises the vulture that eats meat until only the skeleton remains. Then shifting to his school life with the student burger and Kota, dropping another cultural based proverb a hungry stomach can’t hear nothing. 

Dollaman wraps it up nicely with a word play double entendres and hidden meanings. Eg. Leqebekoane – As order ea fish e noele metsi a metolong – WAP tsa Maria tsa Dollaman- Litapole- potatoes… and goes in with some naughty adult content rhymes. 

Dijong rates at 7.5 out of 10

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