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Review Eska Ponto Mahali ft Omali Themba


Chris Theko

This week’s review is Eska Ponto song titled Mahali which features the 2021 most loved artist Omali Themba.

The track was produced by Subasement and runs for 3 minutes 47 seconds. Officially released on 8 October 2021, Mahali was arranged on a 4/4-time signature and speed of 133 beats per minute (BPM). 

Mahali is Sesotho for bride price or lobola, which is payment made to the family of the woman by the family of the man. It can either be in the form of cows or money.

The song kicks off with a melodious flute and smooth percussions followed by a hook from the artist. Though dubbed Afropop, the track is more of an RnB classic with an afrobeats touch sung purely in Sesotho throughout. 

The song sounds so much like Omali Themba’s style, composition, and signature making him very comfortable around it as it resonates more with him although still not taking away the shine from the owner.

“Nkutloele hle malome ngoaneno’a ke mo ratile, ba babatla mahali ha a eo…” this is the part of the hook sung by Eska Ponto.

Basically he is saying the family of his lady wants ‘Mahali’ but he has no money. 

The hook is followed by Omali Themba’s verse wherein he talks about how much he would sacrifice for the woman he loves deeply. He says it would take him to travel around the world in trying to find money for lobola as he is unemployed.

The hook is indeed a chorus; it has a sing-along vibe and an easy flow to it. 

The last verse is sung by Eska Ponto, in his words the singer is talking about not giving up as a man who wants to settle.

Having listened to songs such as the 2007 wedding song classic Kgomo by Jonas Gwangwa as well as the 2008 Malaika classic hit Matswale, you will definitely enjoy Mahali.

It has to be one of the songs in the wedding day playlist. 

Mahali rates at 7 out 10.

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