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Review Ngoano Dese by Ntate Stunna


Chris Theko

This week on The Review we gave a thorough ear to Ngoano Dese by Ntate Stunna, his latest single which dropped June 10, 2022.

The song runs for 3 minutes 29 seconds and is a derivative of the Sesotho Fashioneng trend and signature sound. 

It was built on a 100 beats per minute (BPM) and a 10/10-time signature with 320-bit rate. 

The track is one of the few singles he has dropped since his announcement of another edition of the Sesotho Fashioneng EP which will precede the rapper’s first studio album set for later in the year.  Since its release, the reception has been so phenomenon that some fans have even taken to different social media platforms to make challenges with the song.

Instrumentally, there are no surprises with the accordion as the base of the song, giving that signature sound of trap and mid tempo beat. 

The instrumentals are actually supplementary as the song was sample-built from one of the late South African music maestro Miriam Makeba’s 1967 hit song Pata Pata.

Lyrically, he speaks about his woman whom he describes petite, hot and extremely beautiful explained in colloquial Gauteng language “Ngoano Dese” (a hot girl). This could be an influence of his having spent some time in South Africa in an endeavor to give his music a facelift.

It kicks off with the hook where he emphasizes that he is dating a nice woman who is everyone’s favourite so much he even likens her to money, hence he likes to show-off and make social media posts about her.

In the first verse, he talks about telling the uncles that he is ready to pay lobola because he does not even care that she loves the life of partying. He describes her as good for his ego since when he walks around with her all gazes and the public attention are on them as people wonder what his secret is.

In the last verse he describes the physical appearance of his girl whom he says is hot like chilli with a physique that makes men dizzy.

As much as this is a track about a guy singing his woman’s praises it also doubles as a feel-good song for the ladies and track to bump to in any occasion. 

Ngoano Dese rates at 8 out of 10         

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