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Review: Nthabiseng by 6icnature ft Kubas and Purple


Chris Theko

This week’s gauged tune is Nthabiseng, performed by 6icknature featuring Kubas and Purple which has a running time of 4 minutes.

The soulful house number is produced by YME Tunes which is an online music store. 

What’s a soulful house song without some soulful vocals? Laid in Sesotho the lyrics of the track and the combination of the two featured vocals give it a nice vibe. 

Uploaded on Youtube in October, the tune’s music video is also something out of this world with clean quality. And it was no surprise when it made it to some of the biggest music video channels across Africa such as Channel O. 

The joint is a subgenre of house music which fuses elements of Chicago house with funk and dance music with touches of soul. 

It has consistent variations of piano cord arrangements, the composition is heard with same notes throughout the song’s duration. 

The message in the song is about a husband who is searching for his wife who left him due to a domestic spat they had. 

Kubas’ vocals on the first verse explain how he thought he had finally found the woman of his dreams (Nthabiseng), only for her to run away at the first sign of misunderstandings. He pleads with her to come back home “khutla hle Nthabiseng, ak’u khutlele hae. Ak’u hople hore mosali o ngalla motÅ¡eo” 

As he ends, he then slides straight to the hook, asking people to help him find Nthabiseng who has since left him with worry and misery. 

Purple also comes through on the second verse vocally articulated, the trio really did justice to the tune.  In this verse they talk about how in the absence of Nthabiseng life hasn’t been the same, no peace, sleepless nights is the order of the day while always thinking about her. 

It concludes with the hook one more time as it smoothly fades out. This is a song for all occasions be it the clubs, Sunday sessions or just a time alone at home.

The music video features Mahlape Tsekoa as Nthabiseng, and also making an appearance in it is the singer Selimo Thabane who appears as the good samaritan helping Nthabiseng upon her arrival in the big city. 

For the production of the song and the clean music video, Nthabiseng rates at 8.5 out of 10   

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