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Review Seponono Se Likoti by King Moses


Chris Theko

This week’s gauged project is a single by King Moses titled Seponono Se Likoti Marameng.  

Officially released on Monday (August 01, 2022), the track runs for 3 minutes 16 seconds built on 192 beats per minute (BPM) with a sampling rate of 33100 hz.

Unlike Young Moses’ original sound, the song is of Afro Pop nature which is far from what the muso is known with in terms of genre and style of sound. It was produced by Jazzy Deep.

The song is meant for the celebration and appreciation of women hence it was released exactly at the beginning of “Women’s Month”.

The instrumental backing is influenced by afro beats with some percussions and drum kicks.   

The hook is a sample of a traditional Sesotho song of old made famous by the village setting chorales called ‘Seponono’.

‘Ke ratile ngoan’e motle lichabeng, Ngoane’noa ke mo ratile khale hee hoa fihla bakhothotsi, ‘Ngoane’noa ke mo ratile khale hee hoa fihla bakhothotsi, jonna oee…’

It is carried by one verse which talks about how much the beauty of a woman has managed to capture the attention and thoughts of a guy. He raps about the woman who clearly has had effect on him as he says she makes his heart skip a beat.

Unclear whether the singer is confessing his love for the woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with or the woman he loves and is in a relationship with or purely just appreciating women in general.   

For an artist of Hip Hop Origins, Young Moses went all out to make a statement of his versatility on this song from production to lyrical content and delivery.

But King Moses has proven in the past that he is not an artist to be categorized under one genre, in early 2021 he dropped a single alongside Jiji F titled Number-Number which was also far from Hip Hop as it resembled the Kwaito-Afrobeat sound.    

‘Seponono Se likoti Marameng’ is a feel-good song for the ladies but a romanticizing song for the gents. However, it does not take away the vibe in it which can qualify the song to feature in any setting be it the clubs or the Dj sets.

Seponono Se Likoti Marameng rates at 8 out 10.  

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