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Sello ditches Matlama for Lifofane


Chris Theko

Matlama President Ikarabele Sello has resigned from the Maseru-based Matlama in favour of his home side Lifofane of Butha-Buthe, over what he has termed ‘perpetual disputes and disagreements with the executive committee.   

Although the disputes are supposed to be internal issues to be dealt with behind closed doors, one apparent sign that all was not well between Sello and his principals was when he was barred from running for the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) Chairpersonship in the recent elections under the team’s name. He then stood for elections where he was contesting for the second term as Chairman under Lifofane FC name. 

In his resignation letter, Sello makes no mention of the reasons behind his resignation but that he pays gratitude to the team for their support. 

“Thank you for the support you have given to me as Chairman of the Premier League Management Committee; I also wish you utmost success in the upcoming season and in the years to come,” reads the letter. 

He however, decided to bare all to NewsDay Sport in an exclusive interview where he revealed that his decision was influenced by his disagreements with the current Matlama exco. 

“For some time now we have had some disputes with the Matlama committee. It is no secret that in my tenure as Chairman of the PLMC, we were not seeing eye to eye with them (Matlama) hence I decided to jump ship, because the infighting

“My focus is now going to be invested in my town as a very instrumental member of Lifofane FC,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Matlama current President Paballo Makakole, refuted claims that there were disputes between his committee and their former president.

“I have no idea of any disputes with him as he is our patron that we still valued and appreciated,” Makakole said. 

He also said the club’s committee was rather surprised to learn on social media that said he (Sello) was denied permission to stand elections under Matlama.  

“To my knowledge, the relations have been good but like any organisation there will always be disagreements here and there but those were always resolved through meetings. It was only a surprise to us (Matlama exco) when we heard that he claims we did not allow him to stand for elections.

“He is our patron that we still hoped can continue serving in the ranks of the PLMC hence even when the club learned of his intent to resign, I was sent to contest in the elections but not for his position,” added Makakole.

He said they learned of his intent to resign from the club a day before the elections, shortly after seeing social media posts that said the former president was not permitted by the club to stand for elections.    Makakole added that they are yet to meet to find out what exactly prompted the former PLMC president to resign but still wished him well in his future endeavours.

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