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Sky Alpha HD hits high notes with Lesotho Rap Archive’s workshop series launch


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In a beat-dropping symphony of rhyme and rhythm, the Victoria Hotel in Maseru recently transformed into a hip-hop haven as Sky Alpha HD and the Lesotho Rap Archive unveiled their creative initiative – a workshop series destined to groove its way into the hearts of rap aficionados.

“Sky Alpha HD’s Lesotho Rap Archive is here to sprinkle some wisdom in the hip-hop mix,” proclaimed Telle Leballo, the visionary founder and Executive Director of Sky Alpha HD, on Wednesday, the day before the Hip Hop Workshop kicked off.

“We are rolling out workshops crafted by the best in the game, designed to elevate rap artists and hip-hop honchos through skill-sharing exercises,” Leballo added.

This installment of the workshop showcased Hymphatic Thabs, the maestro behind lyrical magic and an icon within Lesotho hip-hop circles.

His session delved into the intricate art of songwriting, a masterclass delivered straight from the trenches of his extensive musical journey. And guess what? Admission was on the house!

But wait, there is more!

The beats do not stop at just lyrics. ‘Matlali Matabane, the electronic and acoustic sound maestro, is set to helm an instrumental building initiative. Matabane has handpicked four lucky artists to embark on a full-day sonic odyssey, set to take place at the Morija Arts Center later this month.

“Sky Alpha HD remains steadfast in our mission to contribute positively toward the development of our cultural industries, and the Lesotho Rap project is but one aspect to advance our aims, not only in Lesotho, but throughout the Southern African region as well,” beamed Leballo, the project’s helmsman.

And in tune with the times, Sky Alpha HD is cranking up the volume online. They are hitting the digital airwaves with workshops tailored for freelancers and arts writers.

Information concerning these shall be communicated well ahead of time via their social media channels.

The Lesotho Rap Archive is no one-hit wonder. This chart-topper was made possible thanks to the encore-worthy support from the Sound Connects Fund, the Music in Africa Foundation, the Goethe-Institut, and the European Union (EU) in Lesotho, among other VIP backers.

So, gear up, tune in, and get ready to ride the rap wave as Sky Alpha HD and the Lesotho Rap Archive drop beats and knowledge across the cultural soundscape!

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