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Taxi operators threatens stability


Mojabeng Moalosi

Public transport operators have vowed to disrupt traffic stability on Wednesday; this emerged during their press conference today.

The operators who are going on a nationwide strike against the operations of the mobile court revealed they are going to deploy their people to make sure their sit-down is impactful.

“We are going to deploy people at different bus stops within different communities to ensure that no taxies are operating from Wednesday, and if there will be such taxies or buses, we are going to force them to park their vehicles because this is a national plight needing unity,” chairperson of the working committee appointed by public transport operators, Mokete Jonase said.

He added, “Private cars are expected to transport families only, but if one decide to take a friend or a neighbor, it’s a different story. Such a car will not be allowed to get to town because they will be affecting our protest.”

“We are ready for anything that could happen on that day. No one is going to stop this strike, whether is happen in a good or bad way.” Jonase said.

He noted that the strike would involve all existing and operating public transport operators across the country, following a lobbying exercise.

“I want to clarify that this strike is not going to be done by the Maseru Region Taxi Operators (MRTO) but is a campaign by all public transport operators including 4+1, mini-buses and buses. The striker will be happening in all the 10 districts simultaneously,” he said.

The chairperson indicated that they have moved beyond trying to engage the transport minister following their many unheeded attepts.

“The Minister always claims to have his doors open but has never really given us audience when we went knocking. We have followed all the protocols needed to solve our traffic related issues. We negotiated with department of transport, there is a court case and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Majoro but to this day nothing has happened and we have had enough.”

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