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The Review – Naleli by Dj Allegro ft Neil Rivers


Chris Theko

In this week’s edition of The Review, we take a listen to the latest single by Dj Allegro featuring Neil Rivers which was released this week, Monday February 7, 2022.

The house tune which runs for 3 minutes 57 seconds, was built on 120-Beats-per-Minute (BPM) and laid on a 101/101-time signature.

The song is of a commercial house genre with a two-step afro house touch given melodious voices in a form of poetic lyrical content as well as singing from rivers.

Neil Rivers is a vocally gifted singer whose high notes on the track hit the instrumentals song quite nicely.  

The touch of Afro sounds on the instrumentals combines nicely with the repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and the typical tempo of the 120 BPM of the original basic instrument. 

The track’s lyrical content is based on a man who is admiring and appreciating a woman he came across. He calls her “Naleli” – a star as he says she brightens up the darkest of days. 

The song is done entirely in Sesotho. Clearly Rivers took his time when writing the lyrics to the song, the delivery, the interchange between his notes coming together and jelling nicely with the beats make everything in the song neat and beautiful to listen to.

‘U Naleli ea mengoaha, u leseli la lichaba, ke rata lichaba li u bone, hoba u pono ea mohlolo, u naletsana ea ho bonoa…” As the hook goes followed by Naleli repeated five times. 

Allegro has always tried to celebrate women especially using his music. A Dj and producer in his own light, Allegro puts thought and all the attention into every project he works on, be it a single or album whether in his solo capacity or when he does his contribution for the award winning Zagro Deejays outfit. 

In terms of the general production of the song and final product, a finer track could have come out of the two gentlemen all things considered.

The message is top; the production could have been nicer.

However, it should be given a fair chance on the market to compete against other tracks. It’s a club worthy track, which can be a dedication to someone special. 

Naleli is rated at 6.0 Out of 10   

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