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Trailblazers Revolutionise Farming with Agridrone Technology


Lerato Matheka

A group of visionary young minds Jarred Singh, Andile Ngcobo, Ayrton DeBruin, Shivaan Hiralal, and Yasteel Inaarman, is reshaping the future of agriculture in Africa through their groundbreaking company, Skyharvest. 

What began as a conversation about agridrone technology soon transformed into a bold initiative to pioneer drone-based farming services across the continent. 

Their mission is to introduce cost-effective, eco-friendly, and highly efficient solutions to agricultural practices.

At the core of Skyharvest’s innovation lies its agridrone technology, which offers a revolutionary approach to crop management. 

“Unlike traditional methods, agridrones can precisely apply liquid inputs to crops with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Skyharvest is an agridrone company that offers the service in the Southern African region. We take any liquid input and apply it to crops. This cutting-edge innovation is the future of farming,” explains Ayrton DeBruin.

“The benefits of agridrone technology are manifold. By replacing conventional boom sprayers with drones, Skyharvest offers farmers a faster, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable alternative. Essentially, prices range from R500 per hectare in spraying, excluding the application of the actual inputs,” adds Andile Ngcobo. 

“It offers a more precise and efficient solution to eco-friendly and effective farming,” he stresses.

But agridrones are more than just spraying tools. Jarred Singh explains they also provide invaluable data on crop health and surveillance, making them a multifunctional asset on the farm. 

“Any form of topography or state of the land does not hinder the drone. As long as there is the sun, it’s all systems work. There aren’t any limitations. From orchards to large-scale crop fields, agridrones offer versatile solutions for all types of agricultural activities.

While the concept of agridroning is still relatively new in many parts of Africa, Skyharvest sees it as the future of agriculture. 

“We at Skyharvest see this as the future of agriculture, hence our commitment to implementing these services in the region,” Singh emphasises. 

By leveraging advanced agridrone technology, Skyharvest aims to empower farmers, increase profits, and foster a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Skyharvest’s dedication to innovation extends beyond simply offering agridrone services. Their vision is to be the leading agricultural drone specialist in Africa, revolutionising farming practices and elevating the industry as a whole. 

“Skyharvest can spray fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and defoliants, providing farmers with a comprehensive solution to their agricultural needs.

They displayed their cutting-edge technology at the Mzansi Young Farmers Indaba organised by Food for Mzasi and had participants witness the future of farming firsthand. 

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