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Tuke warns rogue lawyers: Shape up or face consequences


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The Law Society of Lesotho has issued a resounding warning to lawyers engaging in unethical practices, cautioning them to rectify their conduct or confront dire consequences.

In a recent statement, Law Society President Advocate Lintle Tuke voiced concern about a noticeable decline in professional ethics within the legal community, signaling a distressing erosion of public trust.

“The Law Society of Lesotho is issuing a stern warning to lawyers engaging in unethical practices,” emphasised Tuke. “Recent trends reveal a decline in professional ethics within our legal community, adversely affecting the trust and confidence of the public.”

Tuke highlighted the gravity of the situation, affirming the Society’s unwavering commitment to reinstating the integrity of the legal profession.

He specifically called out rogue lawyers entangled in practices such as mishandling clients’ funds, disregarding statutory duties, standing in dubious professional status, and delivering subpar services, warning that their actions were under scrutiny.

He revealed that the Law Society was actively probing numerous complaints lodged against such practitioners, and said the time for accountability has arrived.

Tuke emphasised the imperative for ethical standards to reign supreme.

“We call upon these individuals to reveal themselves immediately, failing which they will face the full wrath of the law,” Tuke cautioned, pledging the Society’s commitment to restoring public confidence in the legal profession.

The decline in public trust necessitates immediate action, he emphasized and affirmed the Law Society’s commitment to rebuilding trust by ensuring legal practitioners exhibit integrity, competence, and diligence.

“All lawyers are urged to self-reflect, rectify any wrongdoing, and strictly adhere to ethical guidelines with immediate effect. The Law Society will be conducting thorough investigations, and those in violation will be held accountable,” stated Tuke.

He reiterated the Law Society’s unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law and maintaining the highest ethical standards within the legal profession.

“We call upon all lawyers to join us in this endeavor, ensuring that justice is served, and the public can once again have faith in the legal system,” urged Tuke, underlining the collective responsibility in restoring trust.

In conclusion, he directly addressed the members of the public, private sector, business, corporate sectors, and all consumers of legal services, urging them to verify the status of lawyers before engaging their services.

He assured that the lists of lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Lesotho would be publicly available through various channels, including social media platforms, police stations, court buildings, and upon request by the public.

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