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Dear Stunna, take the wheel and flex in style


Lehlohonolo Motšoari

I was left collecting my jaws from the floor when I read an article last week on Newsday that our very own Ntate Stunna turned down a precious gift, a Mercedes Benz C63s, worth over half a million maloti!

According to the news, the “Stimela” hitmaker demanded a business model vehicle that would benefit not just him but the team. I was like…what? Dude you are a rapper; the commercial rap industry is full of flex.

I would understand this gesture only if you were in some other industry, or maybe if you were perhaps a gospel singer or maybe a Hip Hop Gospel artist (It’s a thing now in Lesotho). As for a rapper, we need you up there driving the fresh wheels and carrying that crown in a German Whip. I can only imagine a young man like you driving in a C63s Coupe registered under J.

Many would argue that you are in the industry for the bread, true, and I believe you are taking some sweet bites; Stimela hit has 39 Million views on YouTube. You have been on point since “Mookho”, it’s over ten years and you are still relevant, I would only preach persistence to my child citing your journey.

Art is about flexing talent and commercial rap music is about counting the blessings, and that drives young blood into believing that maybe music has much more to offer than dragging speakers in the streets.

I know you are creative; you will buy Siyaya when the time is right, you are a true reflection of how hard work pays but a gift is given to someone, not by raffle. The good man thought your journey deserves one of the classiest models in the world. When someone decides to wrap a present they first study the recipient.

Ntate Stunna take that wheel and let Maseru know you are within seconds after you have crossed the bridge, be loud, inspire. I don’t know what kind of business care you wanted although my initial thought was that maybe you want a taxi – most of our relatives when they come back from Mzansi, they quickly dive into the taxi industry.

With this message, I’m only saying you will get there, now just say “thank you,” and welcome a new baby into your collection, and now rap about it. You deserve the stunning rides and on top of it all, you deserve mega gigs. Show up in style and know that we will know we have our very own on top of the game.

Who knows? Maybe you will become a Mercedes Benz brand ambassador your team will be rolling with you in that massive step.

All in all, there is a Sesotho saying that goes: “Mpho ha e halaloe,” and “Mpho ha e phetloe meno,” now grab that wheel and hope for more.  

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