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Explosive letter exposes alleged police rot


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Advocate Thabo Lerotholi has penned a scathing letter, exposing alleged high-handed tactics employed by the Butha Buthe police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

The letter, addressed to the High Court Registrar, paints a chilling picture of intimidation, threats, and even accusations of contempt of court.

Lerotholi pulls no punches as he details an alarming incident involving a call from Senior Inspector Damane, the purported head of CID in Butha Buthe.

Damane, it is claimed, dropped a bombshell, alleging that Afriski Mountain Resort management bribed a judge overseeing a specific case that involves the resort and its founder Wessel Bosman.

Shockingly, this call was witnessed by a Sergeant from the Lesotho Defence Force, who could potentially corroborate this hair-raising account.

“I proceeded to ask Mr. Damane to make an affidavit to that effect, as this allegation was not one just to be ignored but had a damaging impact on the reputation of the judge concerned including the justice system of Lesotho in general,” stated Lerotholi, emphasising the severity of the allegations.

Undeterred by Damane’s refusal to provide an affidavit substantiating these explosive claims, Lerotholi took matters into his own hands and promptly wrote an affidavit which he attached to the letter.

The gravity of the situation cannot be overstated, as such allegations could tarnish the reputation of not only the judge in question but also the entire justice system of Lesotho, Lerotholi emphasised in his letter.

What unfolds in this letter is nothing short of a legal thriller, with accusations of harassment and baseless charges being leveled at court officers.

One messenger, Mr. Mokete, allegedly found himself ensnared in a web of pressure, courtesy of a relentless police officer named PC Mahlekenyane, who allegedly sought to embroil Lerotholi and colleagues in a bribery scandal.

The plot thickens as Lerotholi raises the specter of a sinister connection between these police officers and Bosman.

“The overzeal in matters that involve Mr. Bosman is not something to be taken lightly, and has a potential to ruin our courts and justice system,” he wrote, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

“In light of the above, we call upon your office together with all relevant stakeholders that spearhead and administer the justice system to investigate into this matter as we feel that their conduct to some serious consequences such as an erosion of public confidence in the justice system,” Lerotholi stated in his letter.

“We feel they are either highly prejudicial to justice in their carrying out of their duties, or unable to remain impartial; thereby becoming not objective in their investigations. I, even fear for my life in case I fall in their hands for any investigation. As I said already, I have no objection to being investigated for any alleged crime or offense by police at any given time but this group leaves so much to be desired,” he added.

This shocking exposé comes hot on the heels of the Afriski controversy, where the resort’s top brass were allegedly subjected to “malicious, irrational, and inhumane interrogation, humiliation, and detention” at the hands of Botha-Bothe police.

The resort’s board minced no words, condemning the alleged actions and decrying what they saw as an orchestrated campaign instigated by Bosman.

In May this year, it was reported that following a long drawn-out legal scuffle between the firm and its founder and CEO, Bosman, the High Court had backed Afriski’s decision to reopen its facilities.

One of Bosman’s primary arguments was that the current shareholders had stolen his firm, even though he had reportedly been fully paid after signing forms that required him to cede control of his company to the present shareholders.

He argued that he had not been paid and that he had been stripped of his rights to Afriski and leisure. This, according to the board, was a surprising statement.

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