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LCA promulgates new rules


Chris Theko

The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) has announced the promulgation of the Authority administrative (Amendment) Rules.  The announcement was made at a press briefing in Maseru on Wednesday. 

The announced rules amend Rule 3(2) with the removal of the requirement for application by prior invitation, and introduces application for all licences on a first come first served basis in accordance with the directive of the Parliament of Kingdom of Lesotho. 

The impact of these rules is that any prospective applicant can submit an application that meets the prescribed requirements, together with payment of application fees to obtain a unified license and operate in Lesotho. 

The Chief Executive Officer of LCA, Mamarame Matela said this amendment is in a bid to enhance and to meet halfway Basotho to explore the network services business. 

“As we chart forward into developing the business and in commemoration 20 years of existence, we are committed to seeing a digitally empowered nation,” Matela said. 

“We urge Basotho to take advantage of the opportunity presented by this transformation of the policy, we do this in the hope to see fair competition, economic growth as well as prosperity” she added.

Tankiso Mohobo Manager Licencing indicated that as LCA they formulated the laws that govern the authority, administrative rules of 2016.

“According to the rules, the person applying for a licence must meet prescribed requirements by LCA. On unified licences the main thing that the authority looks for is to see to it that one has a financial capability and technical capability to own and construct network that can provide services,” he said.

Mohobo stated that it is worth mentioning that, the requirements in the rules are too straight forward LCA still have its own list of requirements that help to guide people on what is needed when they apply for a licence.

“The other requirements include that, the applicant has to be a registered company that is registered in Lesotho. The subsidiaries of the companies that are from other countries are also welcome to apply. Apart from that other requirements would be for the applicant to submit a business proposal or a business plan of which through it will be giving details of their capability,” he said.

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