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Nalane Cypher: A revival chance for unrecognised talents


Pheello Mosesi

Rapper Robocop has initiated an ambitious project aimed at spotlighting unrecognised talents in the music industry.

Dubbed the Nalane Cypher, this platform brings together six promising artists from various districts across the country to showcase their skills and potential.

“Nalane Cypher is all about reaching out to these upcoming artists who have been left out in the industry without being given a chance to showcase their talent,” explained Robocop.

He added: “I have brought about six different artists from different districts and put them together on this project Nalane Cypher.”

The featured artists include Masala, Animal, Rainy Seazon, Ndae Rae, and Cocaine Da Trapper. Additional talents hail from Botha Bothe, Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek, Mokhotlong, and Leribe, with ages ranging from 19 to 26.

The production of the cypher is being handled by Tux Ls, with Robocop himself headlining the project.

He shared the inspiration behind his initiative, noting that: “I always have a challenge where these upcoming artists text and call me asking for help. I finally reached out and tried to help as many as I could with this project.”

Reflecting on his own early struggles in the industry, Robocop emphasised the importance of mentoring and assisting new artists as his way of giving back.

“These are extremely talented individuals with discipline who deserve recognition. Beyond that, we have created a very fluent teamwork. All that can be expected is unmatched creativity,” he said with pride. “It can mean a lot to them and to me to see their dreams come true.”

Currently, the recording is 79 percent complete, with Robocop covering studio costs and the team contributing to the visuals. To overcome the geographical challenges, the artists record in nearby studios and forward their raw vocals to a single studio for mastering.

The team will only meet physically when they shoot the video, which will be directed by @Jobo visuals.

“I am trying to show them or rather teach them that it is not always about beefs or controversy to make it in the industry,” said Robocop. “I am willing to go all the way to help them be great artists that I see in them. Hopefully, this cypher will open doors for them and open a pathway for the success of their unreleased music.”

Robocop is optimistic that with his experience, connections, and profile, it will be easier for these artists to achieve the recognition they deserve.

He also mentioned that the Nalane Cypher is only the beginning, with plans to make it an annual tradition, ensuring continuous support for emerging talents in Lesotho.

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