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RFP in fresh talks with ABC


“The PM said they are willing to offer ABC three ministerial posts plus a Deputy Prime Minister post if we joined the coalition government.”

Bereng Mpaki

In a last-ditch attempt to prevent an impending parliamentary no confidence vote removal, the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) has held fresh talks with the All Basotho Convention (ABC) for a possible partnership.

ABC leader Nkaku Kabi confirmed to Newsday on Tuesday that he has met with RFP leader, Ntsokoane Matekane, who tabled an offer for ABC to join the coalition government to consolidate the ruling government’s position in parliament.

RFP’s spokesperson, Mokhethi Shelile could only confirm that RFP is in talks with several political parties to join the coalition and not exclusively the ABC. He said the talks were ongoing and nothing concrete has so far been agreed upon. 

The ongoing party courting campaign comes at a time when the RFP-led coalition government is facing a fight of its live against a parliamentary vote of no confidence launched by opposition members of parliament.

Basotho National Party’s (BNP) leader Machesetsa Mofomobe filed the motion of no confidence against the business mogul-turned-politician and his government; a development that has seen Lesotho’s political climate taking a nosedive.

FILE PICTURE: Prime Minister and ruling RFP leader, Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane and his coalition partners, Ntoi Rapapa who is the leader of AD, and Selibe Mochoboroane the leader of MEC after confirming their coalition agreement after the October 2022 general election

The parliamentary battle quickly spilled into the courts as an urgent Constitutional Court application by a pro-government legislator, Lejone Puseletso was on Monday, October 16, 2030, filed against the Speaker of the National Assembly, Tlohang Sekhamane.

Puseletso petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare as unconstitutional, the parts of the Lesotho Constitution which allow for a change of government without dissolution of parliament.

Earlier on the day, PM Matekane appeared on state television where he said his administration was facing a familiar challenge that has seen the premature demise of previous administrations; a parliamentary vote of no confidence.

He blamed opposition MPs for frustrating parliament’s attempts to complete the multi-sector national reforms agenda, which his administration had prioritised before assuming power following the October 2022 national poll.

“Yes we have had formal talks with the RFP leader, Prime Minister Samuel Matekane about joining their coalition government,” Kabi said.

“The PM said they (RFP) are willing to offer ABC three ministerial posts plus a Deputy Prime Minister post if we joined the coalition government. However, I told them that what they want is only a temporary solution and that if it were up to me, they would instead partner with the Democratic Congress (DC), which is the only party that can help them make up the two-thirds majority in parliament. With DC’s 27 seats, they can form a stable coalition.”

Kabi further said he also proposed for RFP to consider forming a government of unity with all political parties in parliament.

“I told him that I am not turning down the offer but will discuss it with the ABC management, although it previously directed for the party to stand with the opposition,” Kabi said. 

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