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Taxman employee steals M40 000  


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A former employee of the Revenue Services Lesotho (RSL), Ngaka Leteba is in trouble after allegedly defrauding the tax authority of close to M40,000.

Leteba, who was in charge of collecting import Value Added Tax (VAT) and toll gate fees on behalf of the RSL, allegedly sold and issued out toll gate prepaid cards to clients, and failed to remit the collected monies to the RSL.

Yesterday, Leteba appeared before the Botha Bothe Magistrate Court over money laundering charges.

He is facing four charges of contravening the provisions of section 25(1) (a) and (i) of the Money Laundering Act 2008, read with section 25 (4) of the Money Laundering Act 2008 as Amended by Act No.7 of 2016.

Leteba is further charged with contravening the provisions of section 57(2)(a) of the Penal Code Act No.6 of 2010, according to RSL.

“The accused is alleged to have stolen money amounting to M39 790 on different incidents paid by the RSL clients when buying tollgate prepaid cards,” RSL said yesterday.

Before his court appearance, Leteba was hauled before the RSL disciplinary committee, but resigned from the employ of RSL before the matter could be concluded, the taxman said.

“The RSL has in place three methods of payment of toll fees namely cash, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and tollgate prepaid cards.

“The accused was charged with the responsibility to charge and/or load the tollgate prepaid cards upon client’s request and sell same to such a client.” 

The former RSL employee was remanded and granted a bail of M2.000 which he paid.

The second remand will be on July 24, 2023. The case is before Magistrate ‘Manyefolo Ramakhula and Prosecutor Letsipa Mofilikoane.

The RSL is known for its zero percent tolerance of corruption in all its forms, especially within its own ranks, and has urged clients to blow the whistle where they suspect foul play.

“Clients/taxpayers are urged to report suspected cases of corruption/theft by RSL employees through the toll-free fraud hotline number – 80022008 or email,,” RSL said.

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