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The voice-over artist that brings life to parties


Poloko Mokhele

When Nkopane Ntholi partnered with Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) as a voice-over artist for the King’s birthday celebration promotional video in 2021, he had no idea that a few years later he would be one of the leading voice-over artists in Lesotho.

Today, Ntholi (25) has worked with several big brands as a voice-over artist, an opportunity which he says has also given him the courage to pursue a career as a radio presenter.

Speaking to Newsday this week, Ntholi indicated that the MMB gig opened doors for him.

“I started doing voice-over work in 2021 when I worked with Maluti Mountain Brewery for the King’s birthday advert,” he said.

“After that advert, I got more offers from different companies to do voiceover work for them. This also gave me the strength to pursue a career in radio – which is something I have always been wanting to try out for some time but I never really knew where to start.”

The calm and collected artist stated that besides being the official voice-over artist and brand influencer of MMB, he has worked with Standard Lesotho Bank, PSI Lesotho, National University of Lesotho, Vodacom Lesotho, Vision Clinic Optometrist, Car Trader Lesotho, Lesotho Land Administration, Letshego Financial Services, Lesotho Postbank and LeseliHub, among others.

Ntholi was also quick to mention that besides being a voice-over artist, he is also an entertainer, which saw him adopting the moniker, Uncle Party Paulo, after one of his friends would always say he is the life of the party and from that day he started calling himself Uncle Party Paulo.

“So when I decided to fully go into the entertainment scene, I thought it was fitting because I am an entertainer who enjoys creating spaces for people from different walks of life, to just be free and express themselves,” he said.

Asked what are some of the projects he is currently working on in the entertainment circle, the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Political Science degree holder from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) told this publication that he is also a radio host at Sky Alpha HD where he hosts a show called The Weekend Crossover every Friday with more than 95,000 listeners per show across the globe.

Ntholi mentioned that in September 2022, together with his friend Champii, they were approached by Cuban Linx Club management to “bring life to the club on Sundays, hosting the Sunday Hangouts sessions.”

“We were approached by Cuban Linx to bring life to the club on Sundays. We began hosting the Sunday Hangout in mid-September. It was a challenge Champii and I were willing to tackle.

“It has been quite an interesting ride because Basotho do not generally go clubbing on Sundays but events like the Flying Fish Sundays really showed that we are becoming more and more open as a people to non-conventional days of going out.”

He added that essentially he makes sure that attendees abide by the house rules and are aware of the specials that are there and that all of them are having a good time and get all the help they need.

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