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Review – Enjoyment by Malome Vector ft Wave Rhyder


Chris Theko

This week’s gauged tune, Enjoyment, performed by Malome Vector featuring Wave Rhyder has a runtime of 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

The hip hop track was produced on 95 beats per minute (BPM) and an 8/8-time signature. 

Heavily influenced by the afro beats sound, the song can be mistaken for a West African track due to the beat, delivery and accent.

While both artists have structured their lines in English, they have twerked it and moved it from our everyday lingo hence the extra-southern feel.

It was released on December 17, 2021 through digital platforms. The tune is about ‘eating’ the money that you have while you still can and enjoying it. 

The joint’s instrumentals are structured with piano, percussions, drums and in the shadows sustained chord vibrations.

On the part of piano chords’ arrangement, the composition is heard with the same notes throughout the song’s duration thus repetitive and lacking creativity. 

Considering the importance of creativity it is vital to incorporate more lyrics and punch lines with more notes in the selected pitch for creativity so listeners are captivated throughout the song. 

However, the different drum kick sound effects added multiple intensities to the lack of diversity in both the lyricists’ verses.

For the majority of the tune, Malome Vector takes center stage with a repetitive hook. This is where the song’s motive has been focused with lyrics, “If the money you have can buy you a Lamborghini, sister eat that money, if the money you have can take you to Dubai, sister eat that money…”

While his vocal entries are at the hook he did an injustice to the overall delivery of the song by sticking only to the hook. 

On the other hand, Wave Rhyder gives the song a different twist where his verse and appearance on the hook were all aligned to the beat; his vocal limitations are heard in the song. 

Complimenting each other on the hook was the step in the right direction for the pitch of the song and harmonic to the lead man.

For his part, Wave Rhyder sings with a lot more energy. To the song’s storyline, his lyrical content is tailored to depict the scenario of someone who has no responsibilities but to spend and enjoy their money.

Wave Rhyder’s articulation and direction has been well handled to go hand-and-glove with the beat. His backup voice plays a huge part in giving more weight to his verse. 

Though a nice track for an easy listening session, Enjoyment is not the best of these two great artists.

Enjoyment rates at 6.5 out 10

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